Our move to Qatar

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So we have been in Qatar just over a week now and have to say we are loving it! We were living in Guangzhou, China previously for 2 years and in Kuwait for 6 years before then. So Qatar seems very familiar in some ways – the shops, the restaurants and of course the amazing food but also it feels very new and exciting.

We are currently living on the Pearl which is just beautiful. I feel like I’m on holiday! And I’m sure it will be even more enjoyable when the weather cools down and we can walk around a lot more. It’s great having so many restaurants and coffee shops on our door step. Although, bad for my figure and purse! But for now, whilst we find our way into a routine and get over tiredness and the heat I’m going to enjoy these little perks for a bit longer.

So who are we and what brought us to Qatar? We are a British family with two young children; Oscar who is 6 and Millie who is 3. Oscar and Millie were both born in Kuwait so are excited to get back to the Middle East for the sunshine and blue skies and of course endless hummus! We moved to Qatar after 2 years in China. My husband and I will be working in a brand new school here and our children will start there also after Eid.

I have started this blog in Qatar after writing a similar one during our time in Kuwait; Expat Family Kuwait. I love finding new places to go especially with the kids and we love eating out (and ordering in!) and enjoy researching and setting up activities to do at home with the kids. And here is a place to share it all. I hope you enjoy reading and find some useful tips. Feel free to send me your recommendations or advice too, after all I’m a newbie to Qatar!